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Radon Research Papers
 & Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Papers
by Bill Brodhead

Bill has authored numerous technical papers
 and teaching manuals on radon.

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Authored & presented paper titled

"Whole Building Ventilation of High Rise Condominium
 with elevated Radon"

Whole Building Ventilation

Presented a Summary to CRCPD
 of ASTM Committee E06-41
 2009 work to revise ASTM E-2121

Both presentations at
 19th Annual International Radon Symposium
in St Louis, MO.

Authored & presented paper titled

"Elevated Radon Levels in High Rise Condominium
 from Concrete Emanation"

Radon from Concrete

Authored poster paper titled

"Measuring Radon & Thoron Emanation From
 Concrete & Granite with CRM's & E-PERMs®

Measuring Concrete & Granite Flux

Both papers presented at
 18th Annual International Radon Symposium
in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Performance Testing Soil Depressurization Fans, Membrane Sealants, and Piping Pressure Drop

at 17th Annual International Radon Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida



Presented 4 hour CE class of direct comparison of three
 Radon Mitigation Standards
EPA (RMS),   ASTM E2121,

Radon Mitigation Standards Comparison

at 16th Annual International Radon Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri

Authored paper titled "The Effect of Ventilation & Filtration on Radon Decay Product Measurements". 
Paper details what happens when you run a fan or filter in a room with a RDP monitor".
Altering RDP measurements

Authored presented the latest revision to the "Proposed New Jersey Radon Resistant School Construction Code"
Revised School RRNC Code

Both papers were presented at
 15th Annual International Radon Symposium in
San Diego, California

Authored & presented paper titled "Draining Water Past
 Radon Fan Motors installed Outside"
Paper details method to extend the life of outdoor radon fans.
Fan Drainage

Authored & presented paper titled "Proposed New Jersey Radon Resistant School Construction Code"  
School RRNC Code

Both papers presented at
 14th Annual International Radon Symposium
Newport, Rhode Island.

Authored & presented paper titled
“Using ASD to mitigate CO2, Methane and Benzene”
Paper describes remediation of soil gases other than radon.
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation (VOC) using ASD

Authored & presented paper titled
 "School Mitigation Design Considerations".
Paper reviews diagnostic methods used in designing
radon system for several different schools:
School Mitgation Design

Both papers presented at
13th Annual International Radon Symposium
Nashville, Tennessee.

Hired by University of Minnesota under sub-contract to EPA
to re-write “Active Soil Depressurization” section
 of radon mitigation training manual used
 by EPA sponsored training centers.

Authored & Presented paper titled
“Designing Commercial
 Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems”
Paper reviews diagnostic methods used
to design radon systems for commecial buildings.
Commercial Sub-Slab Systems

Authored a paper titled
“Performance of Low Wattage Fans &
 Small Pipe Sizes with ASD Systems”
Paper describes successful radon mitigation with 19 watt fan.
Low wattage fans

Both papers were presented at
12th Annual International Radon Symposium in
Reno, Nevada.

  1998 Authored & presented paper titled
 "Mitigation Installation Efficiency Techniques"
at AARST International Radon Conference
Cherry Hill, NJ.
Paper describes how radon systems can be efficiently installed
Mitigation Installation Efficiencies

  1997 Co-Authored & presented paper titled
 “Airflow and Pressure Characteristics of Common Radon Fans”
 at International Radon Symposium
Cincinnati, OH
Paper compares performance of radon fans
Radon Fan Performance

  1996 Authored & presented paper titled
“Pressure Drop of Airflow through
 commonly used Radon Mitigation Piping”.
at International Radon Symposium
Orlando Florida
Pressure drop in piping

  1995 Co-Authored & presented paper titled
 “A Chamber Exposure of EIC's and AT's to Simulate
 their use as Dosimeters for Radon Workers”
at International Radon Symposium
Nashville, Tennesse
Radon Dosimeter

  1992-93 Co-Authored & presented paper titled
 “Radon Test Tampering”
at 1994 EPAInternational Radon Symposium
Atlantic City, NJ
Research sponsored by PA DER/DEP 
Test Tampering Study

 “Unit Ventilator Operation and Radon Concentrations
in a Pennsylvania School”.
at EPA International Symposium on
 Radon & Radon Reduction Technology
Philadelphia, PA

  1990 Authored & presented paper titled
 “Comparison of Long Term Testing Devices”.
at Annual ARRST Radon Conference
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Long Term Radon Detector Comparison

  1989 Authored & presented paper titled
 “Problems of Real Time Radon Measurements”
at Annual AARST Radon Conference
Baltimore, Maryland
Short Term Radon Detector Problems


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